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SJM Roofing Contractors Dublin

Welcome to SJM Roofing Contractors Dublin. Here you will find a one-stop shop for all your roofing requirements, be it roof repairs to a small domestic project, to full installation projects for large scale modern developments.

Established since 1994, we have been trained and accredited to the highest quality of standards. Always keeping a close eye on quality over quantity and never over reaching this has enabled us to establish a very strong and reputable reputation within Ireland’s construction sector.

Our Roofing Services Include:

Training & Certification:

Roofing contractor Dublin

Our on-going training and certification includes but is not limited to the CORAS Kalzip Metal Roofing installation programme, Tegral Metal Roofing Contractors Systems as well as the full range of Kingspan Panel and Roofing Products.

We have satisfied many of our clients with leading technologies and kept up to date and ahead of the curve with current market trends within the industry such as Sika Trocal PVC Membrane flat roofing systems and we are also accredited Roofing Contractors for Alkor PVC Systems.

Full training has also been given for Ireland’s leading torch on felt materials – Paralon, Bauder and General Membrane. We also cater for all your insulation requirements with a full product range such as the Paratorch and Paratherm flat roofing insulation.

In our domestic market we excel in catering for smaller clients who may require more attention to detail with that perfect aesthetic finish where quality prevails.

We also take great pride in the knowledge of an accident free record at the workplace and have all the nominated references required from bodies such as FAS and the C.I.F

Our Roofing Partners & Suppliers:

SM Roofing Dublin Suppliers & Parteners

Our partners include Moy Materials ( where we are constantly kept up to date on latest range of product updates and installation techniques. Others supply partners include Laydex Ltd who have the complete range for all your Roofing requirements, Kingspan Ireland, Tegral and Smiths Builders Provided.

We can offer complete peace of mind with no obligation building up a trust with our clients from completion to handover, including free estimates and quotes along with our budget planning service, peace of mind is guaranteed.

SJM Roofing Contractors Dublin – contact us today for your free drone roof survey on 015252696