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Drip, Drip, Drip…

One of the most common problems our domestic customers come to us with is the inevitable Leaking Chimney. Don’t you just hate it when that annoying dripping sound starts and you’re relying on pots, pans and buckets to keep you dry ? Even where all measures and precautions are taken there’s nothing surer and unfortunately you will come across this  if you are a homeowner! But the good news is when dealt with by Roofing professionals we can guarantee a service you can rely on.

Whatever you do don’t try and fix it yourself, please get the experts out, as while you may think you’re saving yourself some money, ultimately you will only be spending the night in the your local A & E !!

Top Reasons for that Leaking Chimney:

  • The Crown or Capping of your chimney has broken down from old age & wear and tear. Very common problem but very easily repaired. With the use of scaffolding for Health and Safety reasons, we can strip back repoint, refill and make waterproof again!
  • Chimney Flashings in their lifetime will eventually &  inevitably break down and allow water to flow into your home. Weather aluminium lead, slate or with a sand and cement bellcast the chances of this happening are extremely high.
  • Dirt and Debris build-Up: Following on from the above we have often and on many occasions found the simplest way to fix a  eaking chimney is to strip back all the tiles or slates, whichever was used and to clean out the tray. Of course this isn’t always as easy as it sounds and complication can  arise so again please do not try this yourself and be sure to call any of our team members at SM Roofing.
  • Ridge tiles over time often take a battering from our trusty Irish weather. And with this there comes heavy wind uplift which over time causes the sand and cement bedding to come loose and fall out. Also overtime they will naturally crack and break and with older houses in particular which do not have a secondary line of defence i.e Slaters felt/ Breather membrane unless repaired quickly and correctly your leaking chimney will quickly turn into a leaking mess!
  • Broken Slates and Tiles can be tricky to find but with the right resources easy to repair. Please do not attempt to do this on your own!
  • Re-pointing of brickwork around your Chimney is also essential in the upkeep and maintenance to your home. Again overtime it falls out allowing water to pass behind counter flashings causing a leak. Also where brickwork isn’t in place the complete rendering of the face of the chimney can also be affected through cracks in the plasterwork.

Call The Experts!

Please take note that all the above information we provide happily and free of charge to all our valued customers but please take the sensible route and try not to end up like the poor individual in the picture above!

We can also give further FREE advice if you can send us images and questions to our email address

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